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Monday, July 15, 2013

I guess I am not much of a blogger because I never seem to have time to post that often. As some of my friends and family already knows I lost my site due to my host that used a company that ended up having stolen parts and the authorities seized the towers and he can't get them back because he doesn't own them and so my shandalin is gone but like the phoenix it will rise again just not sure when. It has been a hard year with my buddy getting cancer and then my great nephew, plus work this year was really hard on me, felt like I could do nothing right, use to be the best place in the world to work but not the case anymore, please don't get me wrong there are still great people there but the changes for me at lease are demeaning and nothing is applauded just everything you do wrong pointed out, sad but hey I'm old school and all the people I started with are retired or in heaven so I feel a little lost at times.
As I turn 60 this year, OMG!!!! I find myself reflecting on things that other wise I would not think so much about...........Death you say? No actually, not really, I mean we all have to go sometime or the other,some way to fast, actually I was reflecting on the fact that even though my life has been anything but easy ,I am so blessed. I mean my children are healthy, my grandchildren are healthy and my marriage of almost 42 years is still going strong, We have money in the bank, not tons but a good amount, We have a nice home even though it's in need of some updates. I guess what I am trying to say is each time I want to sit down and cry about poor me ,I see someone like a veteran sitting on the side of the road holding a sign saying out of work Veteran will work cheap, makes me so sad that a man that protected my freedom can be treated like this by a country that politicians fill their damn pockets with pout money for doing nothing. Sorry getting way off subject (just makes me so angry) I know we all have those moments of poor me but I need to sit back some days and look at the big picture and realize that God has given me so much .I hope I will be able to post more but no promises.I hope anyone that reads this finds a blessing in their life today.