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Monday, August 29, 2011

weathering the storm

I hope everyone has weathered the storm,hurricane Irene was nasty in some parts of the country,New York got it's share of damage ,we were on vacation up north at Old Forge NY near Blue Mountain Lake and came home Sunday August 28th at 7:30 arrived about 10:30 to find a rather large tree in the middle of the road.A few blips of power outage,but nothing long lasting thank God.I hope everyone else is doing as well.
I have left Wrap candy due to some personal reasons and feel very sad about it,but when your not recognized for anything you do and hit heads with people well then it is just time to leave.I enjoyed being a moderator on that site,made a lot of friends that I will always cherish.
I am n the process of developing a new site
t will be a place where I can sell my mixes,and my homemade crafts.
Well enough for now,I hope this blog finds all of you healthy and happy,don;t forget to check out my other site I have many new digital items for the coming holidays.