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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am finally feeling human again,after 2 viruses.First the H pilori,then the piro virus.Can you tell I work in an Elementary school?New items on my site,
working hard on
Here is a cute idea for those clear tubes,take any paper and insert inside tube and fill with m&m's or any small candy.
In this economy I try really hard to do what I can to teach others how to wrap their own candy bars with my wrappers on my site.Lets start with the foil I use.Rich at is the best place I have found price wise and quality wise.Also you can get the clear wrappers there.
on my site You will find some adorable scrapbook items and bags for many occasions. I am also going to start one for mine and others photography that you can buy two ways either digital or printed out,I am going to have many photographers selling there also.So be on the look out for that soon.

I hope that this Easter brings to each of you blessings of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

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  1. Hi, Shandalin! Good to see you post again!

    Those candy tubes look adorable!