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Monday, March 14, 2011

Shandalin's Corner

Well it has been a while since I was on my blog for sure.I am just now getting to know how to blog.At first I thought a blog was liek a diary that you allowed people to read.LOL..guess in a way it is.I want to tell you about my candy wrappers I design,they are for all occasions ,fun to make ,and I also did a U-Tube video on how to wrap a candy bar which you can find on my website.
With all the things going on in this world,at lease the internet has some kind of out let,if it's to just get away from all the madness or to create something or just to talk to people.I feel so badly for people who are out of work,who feel like they work and get no where,all the prices going up ,except our pay,it is a crazy world that we live in.
I am going to try to post some pictures on here,so wish me luck.Have a wonderful day!

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