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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shandalin's Corner!

Hi everyone,I hope all is well with you in your little spot in the world.There are days in which all of us wonder what will happen next to us in this life we live.The economy is awful right now,everyone is worried about their jobs and families,if they will be able to keep their homes.I see so many sad stories and it makes me wonder were did this great nation of ours go wrong?We tend to blame it all on the Presidents and maybe some of it rightly so.I think its the Big businesses and their greed.Ever notice how none of them are losing anything?They ask the tax payers and little guys to foot their losses,either by asking the President for more money and then using it to give themselves raises,it makes me so angry sometimes,I wonder if they sleep well at night?Do you think their kids have to go without?Hungry?have to be told sorry Hun I just can't afford it?
People like you and me who work hard all their lives and try to get a little extra from whatever we can should ask these people and anyone who is doing well to add some small jester to our efforts to have a little extra.Think they would do it?lol me either.But anyway,I came on this blog for a purpose and that was to in some small way advertise my sites and hope that what I have to offer will get seen out there in blog land.
My small sites offer a variety of items,from my homemade goat milk soaps,to my custom candy wrappers,and so many more items.If your interested in anything or just have a few minutes to look at my items and maybe even pass the link along to others on your e-mail list I would sure appreciate it. is named after my three daughter,who all live near me here in beautiful upstate New York.
You can make a donation at paypal to
I hope that all your dreams come true,and remember ,Don't compare your life to others ,because you have no idea what their journey is about.

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